"How I Went from a Programming Novice to a Software Engineer in One Year"
(without spending thousands of dollars on bootcamps or college)
Hosted by:
Cory Althoff
Author of The Self-Taught Programmer

Cory has helped tens of thousands of people learn to code through his 
best-selling book (published in six languages) and online course. More 
than 45,000 people have joined Cory's Self-Taught Programmer Facebook group.

Cory has worked as a software engineer at eBay, as well as several other startups
 in the Bay Area. 
 You'll learn:

 ✔ The best first programming language to study: There are many programming languages out there, but only one that is easy to learn and has a demand that is outpacing supply. 

 ✔ Endgame first: Universities teach programming the hardest way possible. I will show you how to sequence your learning, so you avoid getting stuck and giving up. 

 ✔ How to get recruited: Worried recruiters won't be interested in you? I give you my top tips for getting recruiters to reach out to YOU.